• Span Table

    A Span Table is crucial for the proper production and build of your project. We have provided the design loads of our panels to ensure your building can be properly supported.

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  • Thermoview Chart

    View our Thermalview chart to view the insulation power of our panels and better understand the ‘R’ value through thermal resistance.

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  • R-Value

    The 'R' Value is the resistance to heat flow through a given medium. Download our PDF to understand what value will be required for your project.

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  • Slope Factor Chart

    These charts explain what type of slope pitch, ridge angle, and valley or hip factor your project may have and will help you ensure you have the proper roof pitch when building your next project.

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  • Chemical Resistance

    The chemical resistance of typical polyurethane foams is comprehensive. Download our PDF for a better understanding what types of active materials can be stored in structures built using A Better Panel panels.

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