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A Better Panel Cross-section Interior Metal Skin Exterior Metal Skin Polyurethane Foam

Joint Profiles

Utilidor Wall Panel Lap Joint
1Utilidor Wall Panel Lap Joint

These panels are designed to fasten together, with one side of the panel lapping on to the other and joined using foam tape and stitch screws with highly durable neoprene washers.More Info (PDF)

Utilidor Square Edge
2Utilidor Square Edge

Square-edged panels are fastened together utilizing an H-channel and silicone sealant. The adjoining panels are set together in the H-channel and then secured using self-drilling screws with highly durable neoprene washers.More Info (PDF)

Corrugated Panel Lap Joint
3Corrugated Panel Lap Joint

We join our corrugated tank panels together on the outer side of the wall only where a metal lap has been extended to allow for stitch screws with highly durable neoprene washers to secure the panels.More Info (PDF)

Our Product

Our panels are built to your specifications, ensuring they are perfect for your needs. We only use the highest quality materials, producing superior products that are durable and provide maximum thermal insulation ratings. Because our panels are made using a continuous processing system, A Better Panel panels can be created for any size up to 40 feet in length. Our design experts can tailor the design specifications of each job to meet or exceed your expectations.