Oil and Gas

A Better Panel panels can be used for a variety of oil and gas applications, from creating buildings of any shape or size like shacks and shelters. Panels can also be used to create utilidor tunnels for utility or pipelines.

The variety our panels offer is second to none, allowing you the flexibility to build as necessary for your site. With the option to build onto skids, your panels can create portable buildings to move wherever the job is. Our sturdy, dependable panels are great for frequent travel applications. Structures can be built using our panels onto truck trailers, allowing for sturdy cargo applications of many types.

The finishing coat on our panels is what makes the difference. This coating allows for structures produced with A Better Panel panels to house a variety of chemicals and compounds safely and securely. Whether you’re needing to close in work areas from the elements, or create a building envelope for current work spaces, A Better Panel panels are the right option for any oil and gas application.

Commonly used for

  • Tank & Vessel Cladding
  • Skid Shacks
  • Compressor Buildings
  • Building Envelopes
  • Utilidor Packaging
  • Portable Work Areas